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Greetings Veterans

Thank you for choosing 180 Comprehensive Veteran Services, LLC (180 Comp Vets) to assist you in filing for compensation and pension benefits from the VA, Social Security Administration, and Federal Retirement.  


We are pleased that you have chosen our organization as your advocate; we are committed to working diligently on your claim helping you to receive the compensation for your maximum eligible benefit level. 

Your information has been documented in our system and you will be contacted by our office to receive further instructions detailing the necessary steps for the process of filing your claim.

We are extremely passionate about helping our veterans receive their benefits.  We appreciate your service and are honored to serve you in return throughout the benefit process.  We are currently accepting new cases and available to begin working on your claim. 

We can also work with you in ordering your active duty medical records ($25 fee).  Please be aware, release of medical records can take up to a year.  Ordering the records now will jump start the VA process on providing the information needed.

Thank you for trusting us with your benefit needs; we look forward to meeting with you soon.  

Brenda Garard

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