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What We Do!

My passion has been to serve those that have served for over 18 years. My entire education program has been geared towards serving veterans and their families. I started with helping my husband, a 20-year combat veteran with his claim and continued to assist my brothers, uncles, and children. My experience through this process led me to branch out and help other veterans as my passion grew.


We offer assistance in filing compensation and pension benefits for VA and Social Security.

We also provide counseling at various locations around the metro Atlanta area or we offer Skype/FaceTime sessions for those out of the country or out of state.


A lot of veterans are eligible for service-connected compensation and pension benefits from their military experience.


Those veterans that are of age (at least 35+) may even be eligible for Social Security benefits in conjunction with their VA benefits.


In gathering information for service-connected disabilities, some hidden traumatic experiences may be uncovered. We offer an array of counseling services to service members and their family members to ease the transition from brokenness to wholeness.

Want to find out
your eligibility?

You may be entitled to benefits you never knew were at your fingertips. Contact us today to have one of our experienced Case Managers reach out to you!

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