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Administrative Assistant

Pay Rate: $10.00 per hour

Business Hours: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Job Description:


  • Evaluate contacts and create tasks for case managers. 

  • The tasks are created based on DOC/EDC/LC. 

  • Review contacts to make sure that they are up to date. 

  • Follow through to make sure CM is contacting effectively. 

  • Make sure completed tasks match up with time of day.

  • Follow-up with Brenda to make sure Google Drive is functional.

  • Be sure that Calendar is synced. 

  • Check Slack for notes and conversations from CM frequently for communication. 

  • Organize meetings. 

  • Clean files and remove duplicates and blanks.

  • Complete tasks delegated by Brenda

  • Assist CMs with needs to maximize production

Case Manager

Pay Rate: $10.00 per hour

Business Hours: 9:30 am- 3:30 pm

Job Description:


  • Case managers are responsible for contacting vets as tasked out to you within HubSpot. 

  • E-mail, calls, taking notes, file uploads, follow-up. 

    • It is imperative that deadlines are met. 

    • Use the “Que” function to ensure tasks are met correctly.

  • You login to HubSpot and then work from "high priority" first. 

  • Be sure to mark your tasks "complete". 

    • This will keep your tasks down and more accurate on completion. 

  • When creating notes be precise in what you are typing. 

  • Details are extremely important. 

  • Be sure that you follow the tasks TYPE. 

    • If an email is assigned, please send an email. If a phone call is assigned, please make a phone call.

  • Staff meeting phone calls 

  • ALL Veteran contact and communication must be logged in HubSpot

    • If an outside email is sent through Google, you must log that communication appropriately in HubSpot

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