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Brenda Garard

The Heart Behind 180

You Fought For Us

It's Our Turn To Fight For YOU!!

The Heart Behind 180 - A Heart That Hits Close To Home

Born in Fort Benning, Georgia; Brenda Garard is the daughter of an Army Staff Sergeant who served 20 years, and the wife of a 20-year Desert Storm Army veteran. Brenda is passionate about her service to veterans.  She is also committed to the veteran community, serving them vigorously for more than 18 years including an entire education program geared toward serving veterans and their families.  Moving beyond ordinary concern, Brenda's passion makes her an extremely dedicated advocate for each and every veteran.

Getting To Know Brenda Garard

A Commitment That Runs Deep

Brenda has five children, two of which are also veterans. Brenda’s son, Karlos Garard is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, and he served in Afghanistan. During his time in the military, he was hit twice by an IED. Brenda’s daughter, Jazmine Garard, is also a veteran of the United States Army and was a Cyber Security Analyst. Adding even more to this family of service, are Brenda’s two brothers who both served in the United States Army and were honorably discharged.

Education & Experience

Serving Bigger & Better

Walking in her passion, Brenda was able to obtain dual degrees for a Bachelor of Psychology and Criminal Justice, as well as a Masters in Trauma Counseling. Her educational pursuits were all geared towards creating an opportunity to serve veterans.

From 2011 to 2014, Brenda worked at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs as a Veteran Service Officer Assistant and a claims analyst. For over 18 years, Brenda was working with veterans to assist them with their compensation and pension benefits.

As Brenda worked with the veterans, the need for benefit advocacy became increasingly more clear.  Knowing she was called to serve and being honored to serve in this way, she used her passion and her foundation in Christ to create the business that would allow her to extend her veteran reach.  180 Comprehensive Veteran’s Services, LLC was founded in April of 2018. 

Her mission is to help veterans make a 180 degree turn in their lives. Brenda educates, motivates, and makes it her goal to positively impact the lives of every Veteran with whom she comes in contact.

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Brenda - In Her Own Words

My Veteran Services journey began more than 18 years ago by helping my husband with his claim and continued from there to assist my brothers, uncles, children, and other veterans to whom I was introduced. Along the way, it became abundantly clear our veterans needed an advocate to help navigate the claims journey.  My experience with family members quickly extended to include other veterans and ignited my passion for the veteran community.  Today, my passion has only deepened as I continue to meet and serve veterans.  

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